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Such is life, each of us must play his own part. Me a god, you a peasant.

By Aimee Raven

Once there was a king,
And he had everything.
But he didn’t have a name,
And he didn’t have a friend.

Once there was a king,
He was just a little boy.
And he was very lonely,
So he began to cry.

Then along came the universe
She said, “I’ll be your friend,
Just take my hand,
And show me a smile.”

She said, “What’s your name little boy?”
He said, “I don’t know,
I was created out of nowhere,
And I have no where to go.”

She said, “I guess
I’ll call you earth,
And I’m your universe.”

So the universe and king
Explored the galaxy
Together side by side
Friends they’d always be.

Years had passed
And nothing had changed
Except the king was getting older
And the universe stayed the same

So the universe asked her brother,
His name was eternity.
He said “The only ones who’d make it
There would be you and me.”

She said, “what about the king?”
He said, “the king won’t live forever,”
She finally understood,
They wouldn’t always be together.

And she cried her heart out
As she thought of the king
And in billions of years
He’d be just a memory.

And she’d cry and she’d cry
But he couldn’t do a thing
And he held her small hands
And he started to sing,

"You and me,
Have explored the galaxy,
Together side by side,
Friends we’ll always be.”

"Years will pass
And nothing will change,
Except you tell me you love me.
And I will feel the same.”

So the king went out
And he asked all the stars,
“Please bring to me something,
That I can call ours.”

They gave him a world
Of nothing but night
With a beautiful ocean
But there was no light

And the king said
I’ll take the sun
And I’ll put it right here
Just for awhile,

And the king gave the universe
Her big surprise,
Said, “This is called a sunrise,
And it’s beautiful like you,

"As long as you’re here
I’ll be here too.”
Then the king knew
That it was his time

So he kissed her on the head
And told her goodbye
You’re the first and best friend
That I’ve ever had.

You’ve made life worth living
And for that I’m glad.
Then the king went up
Up to the sky,

But she knew in heart
That he hadn’t died
And she looked at the world
That he had created

And said you’ll be my earth,
And I’m your universe.
So the universe and king
Explored the galaxy,
No longer side by side,
But friends they’d always be.

Centuries passed and nothing had changed,
Except the king was long and gone.
And the universe stayed the same.


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Mens Ballad:
•Ariadne- The Frogs
•Roses At The Station- Grand Hotel
•Where I Want to Be- Chess
•Morticia- The Addams Family
•Send Me Someone- Young Frankenstein
•Try To Remember- The Fantasticks

Mens Up Tempo:
•I’m Calm- A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to The Forum
•Shiksa Goddess- The Last Five Years
•Hello Little Girl- Into The Woods
•Dentist!- Little Shop of Horrors
• Betrayed- The Producers

Womens Ballad:
Good and Evil- Jekyll and Hyde
Pride Land- The Lion King
I Got Four Kids- Caroline, or Change
Deep Love- Young Frankenstein
Much More- The Fantasticks
•He Vas My Boyfriend-Young Frankenstein

Womens Up Tempo:
•I Want to Go to Hollywood- Grand Hotel
•That’s Rich- Newsies
•Death is Just Around the Corner- The Addams Family
•Buenos Aires- Evita

unpreparedowls said: Not really a question, but my theatre teacher is Mickeys fiancée, and I'm so excited to watch y'all on Conan tonight!!! Break a leg!


thank you! <3 hi ms. seney!